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You want to become an EMT in Tennessee and you want to know the EMT requirements? We have prepared this quick information sheet on EMT jobs perspective and requirements. Please note that all states require EMT classes’ confirmation and EMT certification. However, some States are more rigorous in their selection of EMTs.


Tennessee stats:

Tennessee population:

Number of hospitals in Tennessee: 36



General EMT requirements:


Specific Tennessee EMT requirements:

The Tennessee Emergency Medical Services [2] is in charge of all EMTs and Paramedics. They offer 3 level of certifications (EMT Basic, EMT IV and EMT Paramedics). There is not much information on how the EMT tests are driven but we assume they follow the NREMT guidelines.

Tennessee EMT fees & other specification:


The Tennessee EMT Skills Manual [3] has 141 pages and this is only the beginning if you want to pass the written exam. The exam can be very long and contain several questions. You may run out of time if you are not well prepared. A good way to get you started and arrive at the test fully confident is to take practice exams. Click here to get access to 2,300 questions especially prepared for this test [4].

Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt [5]