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Washington State is definitely the dream State to become an EMT. This is one of the only places where a Paramedic can reach up to $80,000 a year! Keep in mind that average yearly salary is at $43,000 which beats most State’s top salary bracket! Needless to say that work conditions in Washington are very appealing. If you are interested in becoming an EMT in Washington, please read about the requirements and additional specifications:


Washington stats:

Washington population: 6,830, 038

Number of hospitals in Washington: 19



General EMT requirements:


Specific Washington EMT requirements:

While the NREMT test has to be completed in order to become an EMT, a State exam is required by the Washington Office of EMS and Trauma [2] in order to become an EMT-Intermediate or Paramedic. On the other side, this is where the big bucks are so it’s worth the extra effort. Here are the levels you can reach by doing your career in this State:

They also offer online support and certification to accommodate students. Definitely, Washington State does everything to keep and attract new EMTs.


Washington EMT fees & other specification:


In order to reach salaries over $50,000, students must pass several levels of certification. Each certification is divided into 3 sections:

–          Written exam

–          Practical exam

–          Internship

The written exam is the first and probably the toughest part of your certification. Many EMTs are “field people” who can perform under high pressure. However, they are not too great when it comes down to sit down at a desk and write an exam for 2 hours. This is why 33% of students fail their first EMT class.


The safest way to perform well at this test and go to the next level is to go through as many mock exams as possible. Questions will come easier after you go through some practice exams. Click here to download more than 2,300 questions on your next EMT test [3].



Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt [4]