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West Virginia


You want to become an EMT in West Virginia and you want to know the EMT requirements? We have prepared this quick information sheet on EMT jobs perspective and requirements. The average yearly income of an EMT in West Virginia is $24,00 and could reach up to $36,000. Please note that all states require EMT classes’ confirmation and EMT certification. However, some States are more rigorous in their selection of EMTs.


West Virginia stats:

West Virginia population: 1,855, 364

Number of hospitals in West Virginia: 12



General EMT requirements:


Specific West Virginia EMT requirements:

The West Virginia Office of EMS [2] is managing EMTs application and certification procedures. Their website offer a lot of information about online courses to become an EMT as well as job posting (The West Virginia EMS System utilizes a computer database, the Credentialling Information System).


The State of Virginia offers several EMT certifications:

Additionally, the office offers specialty certifications for RN, PA, FN, DO, or MD [8].

Finally, in addition to the general requirements, this State requires all future EMT to Demonstrate competency in handling emergencies using basic or advanced life support equipment and skills in accordance with the course objectives from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) National Standard Curricula.


West Virginia EMT other specification:


The State of West Virginia requires that you pass the computer based exam (NREMT exam) prior to get your EMT licenses. This is often viewed as a deal break by many students as 33% of them fail at their first attempt. The best way to avoid failure and accelerate your certification process is to study very hard. The perfect tool for you is to go through mock EMT exams. They provide test questions that will improve your speed and knowledge. Click here to get your practice tests and start studying today! [9]



Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt [10]