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You want to become an EMT in Wisconsin and you want to know the EMT requirements? We have prepared this quick information sheet on EMT jobs perspective and requirements. Being an EMT in Wisconsin is not easy with under average hourly wages ($13.69) and a low high bracket at $21.43. Please note that all states require EMT classes’ confirmation and EMT certification. However, some States are more rigorous in their selection of EMTs.


Wisconsin stats:

Wisconsin population: 5,711, 767

Number of hospitals in Wisconsin: 41



General EMT requirements:


Specific Wisconsin EMT requirements:

The Wisconsin EMS [2] is the controlling agency in regards to EMTs and Paramedics. They aim to to ensure that the highest quality and standards of pre-hospital emergency medical care is available to all citizens of and visitors to Wisconsin. This State has a reciprocity policy and Wisconsin requires current National Registry certification for licensure for all license levels. Throughout their classes, you can obtain the following certification:


Wisconsin EMT fees & other specification:


Passing the NREMT written exam is a stepping stone in your journey to become an EMT. Before you even think about the practical tests (there are 6 stations but you will only get to be evaluated on 1), you must go through the written exam. This requires readings tons of pages and learning several techniques. The best way to achieve it is to go through practice exam test. The success rate as of 2010 for an EMT-B was 67%. This means that you have 1 chance out of three of failing if you don’t take the practice tests! Click here to get access to 2,300 pooled questions [7] that will help you succeeding in your quest to become an EMT.



Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt [8]