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Congratulations on your choice of becoming an EMT… but do you really know what it involves? You may want to know more about how to become a paramedic and the responsibilities and requirements prior to start your EMT training online.


EMT Programs are Fast and Straight Forward

There are 5 levels of EMT certification but you can start working after your very first training. In fact, during the EMT-Basic, you quickly start working in an emergency department or with an ambulance crew. As many other jobs in the medical field, becoming an EMT requires more field training than theory because you need to quickly act during emergency situations.

The minimum requirement to start your program is a high school diploma. This is your key to enter into any EMT license process. Once you have your high school diploma, you can start your training and earn your certifications.

Each certification requires a minimum of hours and tests. EMT-Basic training program can be done through a written and practical examination administered by the State licensing agency or the NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians). Once you past that level, you can reach the EMT-Intermediate (1985 or 1999) level by successfully completing a 30 to 350 hours of specific training. Finally, the paramedic is the highest level of EMT. To become a paramedic, you are required to pursue courses up to 2 years that are offered by community colleges, technical schools or EMT schools. The paramedic field of expertise is obviously wider and comes with a bigger pay check.

Requirements may vary from State to State. However, all States require EMTs and Paramedics to be licensed. Click here if you want to know the certification process per State.



Job outlook and EMT salary expectation

Becoming an EMT is a great job as the job outlooks look promising in the near future. With an aging population and restricted place in hospitals, you can guess that qualified emergency medical responder will be required to assist more patients during a longer period. Another great point about working in the medical field is that it cannot be outsourced or robotized as other types of jobs. Also, due to the lack of EMTs and the increasing number of emergencies, most employees are required to work over 40 hours a week. Doing overtime could result into a healthy bonus on your EMT pay check.

How Much Does an EMT Make?

Emergency medical technician salary varies from $9.08/hour to $23.77/hour. To know more about earning policies, visit EMT salary.


More Info on How to Become an EMT

In this section, we have written several articles about the  job. After reading those articles, you will have a better understanding of the responsibilities and challenges you will face on a daily basis as a medical emergency responder.

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