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Flight Paramedic: The Most Audacious EMT

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What is a Flight Paramedic?


Part of a flight medic team, this specialized paramedic will function in a aeromedical environment. Flight Paramedics usually have years of training and practicing. They entered into a specifically dedicated training program and many are also paramedic trainers. Their clinical experience acquired throughout the years can’t be denied and they usually worked into various fields or circumstances.

Flight Paramedics mostly use helicopters or small planes as transport methods.


air ambulance

Why The Most Audacious?


Most times, Flight Paramedics are required under particular circumstances: a hardly reachable home, a rescue mission in mountains, deserts or seas, a tourists venture that turn into a catastrophe, big events, etc. Geographical or meteorological difficulties are often implied. This is why it demands a lot of experience and nerve.


Responsibilities of a Flight Medic


Flight medics can also work with a mobile response unit outside of the hospital setting, while some are linked to an hospital, working in the Emergency Room or other locations. But that is until they are needed on a flight! They provide on-site emergency medical care to patients suffering from severe injury, trauma, or sickness. Like any other paramedic, they are responsible for diagnosing their patients conditions and providing proper medical support.


Where to Get Certified?


Certain states may offer this specialization, but most programs will be given by private EMS schools. For flight paramedic training, a well-known company is BCCTPC. A Paramedic Certification is needed prior to this program. A regular EMT can’t become a Flight Medic without it.

Note that the Military Service also offers jobs and training for flight paramedic.



Flight Paramedic Jobs


Flight Medics can work for an hospital, a state or a city, the military force but also and mostly for private companies. These companies often offer their services to families in need of very quick emergency response: a family member with particular health condition or a house located far from an hospital.



Flight Medic Salary


All the reasons stated above (certifications, experience, responsibilities, circumstances and hired by private companies) explain why Flight Medics benefit from higher wages. In the United States, salary varies from $37,000 to around $65,000 per year (according to Payscale).

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EMT Work Conditions

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Working as an EMT is very rewarding when you contribute to save lives. You also have the opportunity of working in a growing industry as population is aging. However, this can also become highly stressful and demanding physically. Let’s just say that EMT jobs are not the typical 9 to 5 position.


Environment challenges


EMTs have to work indoor and outdoor during any kind of weather. As you don’t decide when an emergency arises, EMTs have to be ready at all time. Their work schedule is irregular and can pushes EMTs to work up to 48 hours in a row.


Physical challenges


In order to become an EMT, one must be physically fit. EMTs are requested to several kneeling, bending and heavy lifting (when moving patients). They can also face violent or disoriented patients that may cause a threat to EMTs. Partial hearing loss due to high exposition to sirens is another possible consequence. Finally, EMTs are more subject to be exposed to communicable diseases such as AIDS.


Psychological challenges


The biggest challenge for EMTs is to be able to stay calm during any situation. Facing an emergency situation is one thing, but dealing with human pain and violence act is another. This job can really be stressful at some extent.


Wait! EMTs do have a lot of benefits too!


Since EMT jobs are very demanding, they also come with great benefits too! When EMTs do extended shift (a 24hrs or 48hrs shift for example), they benefit from more vacation days. They also receive the same benefits as firefighters and police officers in regards to pension plan, sick leave, medical, dental and vision insurance.


But the most important benefits EMTs can get is the reward of seeing someone lives after their intervention.


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EMT Salary

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EMT salary

Depending on your EMT certification, the hourly wages can vary from $9.08 (10% of the work force earn less than this) to $23.77 (10% earn more than this bracket). The median hourly wages of EMTs is at $14.10 (as at May 2008). If you want to make over $20/hours, you will need to pursue your EMT classes and become a paramedic (the highest level of EMT). In fact, Paramedic salary tends to be a couple thousands more per year than a regular EMT pay.


27% of EMTs belong to a union


If you seek job security and more benefits attached to your EMT job, you should consider a job with a union contract. Since it’s a very tough jobs (read EMT requirements), you want to make sure that there is someone looking over your healthcare and security at work. Union can play a determinant role in security for EMTs.


Highest paying industry


According to recent statistic, Local government would pay more in average ($27,710/ year) as compared to general medical hospitals ($26,590) and ambulance services ($23,130). However, the highest paying jobs for EMTs are found with amusement parks and recreational private companies. They usually seek for highly experienced paramedic (and not regular EMT) but they are willing to pay over $20/hour on average.


Highest paying States


Your EMT certifications along with your employer are 2 important factors determine which kind of wages you will receive. However, there are also States where EMTs are paid higher. For example, states of Massachusetts and New York offer a bigger pay check ($42,000 per year on average).


Here are the top 5 highest paying States:


New York





How can I get a higher wages as an EMT?


By pursuing your EMT classes and become a paramedic. This is your best chances of increasing your EMT pay. Once you have reached the paramedic level, you can also consider continuing your study to become a nurse or an operation supervisor. Those jobs are less risky and pay more. However, they also require a higher level of study!


image credit EKG Technician Salary

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EMT Jobs Outlook

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If you are about to take your EMT classes to become an EMT, you will be happy to learn that the job outlooks in this field are very promising. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a growth of position by 9% from 2008 to 2018. However, chances of having a good job in the EMS are given to those who have more EMT certifications (like paramedics).


Aging population

The aging population of North America incurs 2 problems; we will face more emergency situations and hospitals will be used to a maximum capacity. The first problem will directly require more EMTs in our community while the latter will lead ambulance to transport patients further to find a hospital that can receive them. In both cases, cares from EMTs will be crucial to take care of patients.


Employment change


Since hospitals are becoming more specialized, this will also lead to more transfer demand form one hospital to another. Then again, transportation to another hospital is also part of EMTs responsibilities.


EMT name classification change


The NREMT started a name classification change back in 2009. This change will take effect in 2014 and will standardize the classification for each EMT levels. Depending on the State, EMT names an classification may vary. This is why the NREMT has decided to pursue such changes. This will also help the transfer of a EMT from one State to another.


EMT advancement


Since there are 5 level of EMT certifications there is already room for you to grow in this business and improve your overall salary. In addition to that, other careers can open up for paramedics who wish to pursue their medical study. They can continue their training to become nurse, EMT trainers, health workers or supervisors.


To get more information on EMT classes, click on your State:


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