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Oregon is probably one of the best States for EMTs. With such high salary, you can definitely make a great career being a Paramedic. In fact, the hourly wages can go as high as $35 an hour! Keep in mind that this salary is only offered to highly trained Paramedics. Nonetheless, the State salary average is around $21 an hour. This is definitely a great job opportunity for you!


Oregon stats:

Oregon population: 3,871,859

Number of hospitals in Oregon: 14



General EMT requirements:

  • Be over 18 of age
  • High School Diploma
  • Clean criminal record
  • Completed an EMT classes


Specific Oregon EMT requirements:

The Oregon EMS and Trauma Systems regulate EMTs and Paramedic licensure process. They start their training class with as little as 10 inscriptions. The State of Oregon accepts any EMTs with a NREMT in their reciprocity system. As long as you are up to date with your training classes and that you are not suspended or under investigation in another State, you can apply to the reciprocity program.


Oregon EMT fees & other specification:


The NREMT written exam includes between 70 and 150 questions. Those are very specific questions based on your EMT classes. If you fail this test (33% of student fail on their first attempt), you can’t continue your journey to become an EMT. This is why it is so important to practice hard and be prepared before this exam. If you are looking for some help in succeeding, we recommend taking practice tests. There are over 2,300 questions to make you the best EMT candidate of your class. Get your practice tests here.


Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt


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