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You want to become an EMT in Utah and you want to know the EMT requirements? We have prepared this quick information sheet on EMT jobs perspective and requirements. Please note that all states require EMT classes’ confirmation and EMT certification. However, some States are more rigorous in their selection of EMTs.


Utah stats:

Utah population: 2,784,572

Number of hospitals in Utah: 8

1 hospital deserves 348,071 people.


General EMT requirements:

  • Be over 18 of age
  • High School Diploma (GED)
  • No criminal record
  • Be Fingerprinted
  • Completed an EMT classes


Specific Utah EMT requirements:


In addition to the NREMT exam, the State of Utah also requires applicants to pass a second test done by the State. While this is a similar test as what you get in EMT schools, it involves more study and obviously, more fees to pass both exams.


Utah EMT fees & other specification:


The EMT-Basic Level cost $160 if you have already been fingerprinted. If it’s not the case, there will be an additional fee of $35 to do it. So the total cost for the EMT-Basic level training could go as high as $195.


If you are looking at the Paramedic Level, the cost is $100 more (so $260 or $295 depending if you are fingerprinted or not).


The best way to find information on paramedic training (testing, applications, EMT classes, etc) is at the Utah Department of Public Health



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