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EMT Equipment

by: Mike    Category: Become an EMT
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A big part of the EMT classes are geared toward the usage of the EMT equipment. As an EMT, you benefit from training on giving emergency cares as well as using sophisticated medical equipment. Here are a few EMT equipment pieces that you will learn to use during your EMT classes:


EMT BackboardBackboards

Backboards are used to stabilize and transport patients to the ambulance. The usage of a backboard is common for all EMTs as they need to move patients on a daily basis.



Depending on the situation, the EMT may use a backboard or stretcher to move the patient. Stretchers are usually used by 2 EMTs (one at the head and the other at the feet).


Suction Devices

Suction devices are used to clear airway of blood, saliva or other secretions so the patient can breathe normally. This device can very useful after a  car accident for example.



Splints are used to immobilize and support a limb or the spine. They are used by EMT to immobilize fractured limbs before the transportation.


Oxygen Delivery Systems

Oxygen delivery systems are a critical part of the emergency care equipment ETM will have to use. It delivers oxygen to the patient through the upper airways to the lungs to maintain oxygenation of the body.


Intravenous Equipment

More advanced EMT (such as EMT-Intermediates and Paramedics) can use intravenous equipment to support a patient. The range of intravenous equipment covers catheters, solutions, drip sets, etc.


EMT emergency tools

There is a wide variety of emergency tools that can be used by EMTs such as emergency shears, hammers, window breakers, bandages, syringes, etc.


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