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EMT Salary

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EMT salary

Depending on your EMT certification, the hourly wages can vary from $9.08 (10% of the work force earn less than this) to $23.77 (10% earn more than this bracket). The median hourly wages of EMTs is at $14.10 (as at May 2008). If you want to make over $20/hours, you will need to pursue your EMT classes and become a paramedic (the highest level of EMT). In fact, Paramedic salary tends to be a couple thousands more per year than a regular EMT pay.


27% of EMTs belong to a union


If you seek job security and more benefits attached to your EMT job, you should consider a job with a union contract. Since it’s a very tough jobs (read EMT requirements), you want to make sure that there is someone looking over your healthcare and security at work. Union can play a determinant role in security for EMTs.


Highest paying industry


According to recent statistic, Local government would pay more in average ($27,710/ year) as compared to general medical hospitals ($26,590) and ambulance services ($23,130). However, the highest paying jobs for EMTs are found with amusement parks and recreational private companies. They usually seek for highly experienced paramedic (and not regular EMT) but they are willing to pay over $20/hour on average.


Highest paying States


Your EMT certifications along with your employer are 2 important factors determine which kind of wages you will receive. However, there are also States where EMTs are paid higher. For example, states of Massachusetts and New York offer a bigger pay check ($42,000 per year on average).


Here are the top 5 highest paying States:


New York





How can I get a higher wages as an EMT?


By pursuing your EMT classes and become a paramedic. This is your best chances of increasing your EMT pay. Once you have reached the paramedic level, you can also consider continuing your study to become a nurse or an operation supervisor. Those jobs are less risky and pay more. However, they also require a higher level of study!


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