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EMT Schools & Training

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Congratulations on your choice of becoming an EMT! However, do you even know where to start? The rules around the training may vary from one State to another. The response to “How long is EMT training” can vary a lot according to EMS (Emergency Medical Services) schools and EMT programs. However, all classes are built around the same core of training:


EMT Classes

During your classes, you will have the opportunity to learn through 3 different techniques. Each certification has a number of hours in didactic classes, practical classes and you will complete your training with an internship.



This is usually the first block of courses that you will hit as you need to learn through classes and books a part of the theory that will prepare you to act in an emergency situation. The didactic courses are followed by a written exam that will be determinant in your certification (click here to get practices exams).




This is the second stage of each certification. The practical classes will allow you to try your newly acquired skill in a safe environment. You will be able to use different techniques previously learned through the didactic classes and shown by your teacher in class. This is where you will develop your reflex and emergency care skills. You can also enter jobs in the medical field and get more practice!



Finally, each certification ends-up with an internship. This is the last step before moving to another EMT level. You will then work in a hospital or with an ambulance service team. They will bring you in the heat of action and assist you in your first interventions. Depending on your level of certifications, there are minimums of live patient interventions that must be successfully completed in order to get your license.


EMT Online Classes

Great news! The didactic portion of each level is now available through online training! One of the biggest and most known companies, PERCOM, is offering a wide variety of classes. All you have to do is to sign-up and login to get your courses documentation.


Online EMT training is a lot faster and can be made at your convenience. Indeed, the main advantage of doing online classes is that you can do them at your rhythm. You can pass your test whenever you want and, most importantly, when you feel that you are ready.


EMT Study Guide


Writing an exam is already stressful and takes enough of your time that you don’t need to take it a second or third time. What you need to make sure that you pass the first time is a study guide. A study guide is a document that has been crafted by professional who will make the difference between what is important and what’s not. The study guide will provide you with clear and clean information on what is going to be part of the exam.


This will not only make you save time but it will also ensure that you focus on the right topics. The study test offered on this website has been running for a while and provides astonishing results. The company making it is so confident that it is offering a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t pass your Paramedic exam the first time. Can you go wrong? On top of that, we were able to get you a special discount if you go through this link.



Practice Test


If you not feel comfortable of writing your exam right after you finish your books and wonder on which part of the books you should focus, practice tests will be a great use for you. Do you know that only 67%* of students at the EMT-Basic level passed their exam on first attempt? Students who failed their first exam were not bad students; they simply didn’t focus on the right things during their exam preparation. Buying a few exam tests will not only help you focusing on the important module but it will also avoid any element of surprise the day of the exam. You will be fully prepared and you will know what to expect during your exam. Get your Practice Test and make sure you pass your exam the first time!
Pass Your NREMT Exam On The First Attempt

*percentage are coming directly from the NREMT 2010 annual report.

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