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EMT Work Conditions

by: Mike    Category: EMT Jobs
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Working as an EMT is very rewarding when you contribute to save lives. You also have the opportunity of working in a growing industry as population is aging. However, this can also become highly stressful and demanding physically. Let’s just say that EMT jobs are not the typical 9 to 5 position.


Environment challenges


EMTs have to work indoor and outdoor during any kind of weather. As you don’t decide when an emergency arises, EMTs have to be ready at all time. Their work schedule is irregular and can pushes EMTs to work up to 48 hours in a row.


Physical challenges


In order to become an EMT, one must be physically fit. EMTs are requested to several kneeling, bending and heavy lifting (when moving patients). They can also face violent or disoriented patients that may cause a threat to EMTs. Partial hearing loss due to high exposition to sirens is another possible consequence. Finally, EMTs are more subject to be exposed to communicable diseases such as AIDS.


Psychological challenges


The biggest challenge for EMTs is to be able to stay calm during any situation. Facing an emergency situation is one thing, but dealing with human pain and violence act is another. This job can really be stressful at some extent.


Wait! EMTs do have a lot of benefits too!


Since EMT jobs are very demanding, they also come with great benefits too! When EMTs do extended shift (a 24hrs or 48hrs shift for example), they benefit from more vacation days. They also receive the same benefits as firefighters and police officers in regards to pension plan, sick leave, medical, dental and vision insurance.


But the most important benefits EMTs can get is the reward of seeing someone lives after their intervention.



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