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EMTs Vs Paramedics

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There is a very important difference between a regular EMT and a Paramedic. Some people think that an EMT is a 911 operator or that only paramedics can drive an ambulance. However, most assumptions are false. In fact, the differences are coming from 2 crucial factors:


EMTs Vs Paramedics training:


There is 4 official level of certification: EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate 1985, EMT-Intermediate 1999 and Paramedic. As you can see, the Paramedic is part of the EMTs training. In fact, it is the highest level of certification. While other EMT courses can be achieve within a few months only, Paramedic programs can take up to 2 years to complete.

If you can to become a paramedic, you can look at EMT classes.


EMTs Vs Paramedics skills:

Since Paramedics have more classes to complete than regular Emergency Medical Technicians, they obviously have more skills and responsibilities. For example a Basic level will be able to provide emergency care to a patient but will not be able to provide pharmaceutical administration. Paramedics will not only be providing pharmaceutical administration but will also be able to manage complex emergency procedures. So what an EMT actually achieve versus a Paramedic Job Description is very different.


Among the most complex emergency cares to be received by a Paramedic, we find endotracheal intubations, electrocardiograms (EKGs) interpretation and intravenous equipment usage.


As the population is aging, hospitals are often full and EMTs can’t transport patients to the closest medical facility. They often need to drive further which incur additional care during the transportation. This is why Paramedic skills are in high demand and will continue in the future.


To find more information about training programs and requirements, click on your State:


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