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What is an EMT?

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Ambulance drivers, first care givers, paramedics, those are common terms that go around the Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). But what is exactly an EMT? What does an EMT do?


They are on the front line


EMT front lineIn an emergency situation (cardiac arrest, emergency childbirth, automobile accidents, attacks, etc), EMTs are the first people to help the victims. Their job is to provide emergency cares and prepare the care receiver for transportation to a hospital if needed be.


EMTs and Paramedics are usually dispatched by 911 operators upon an emergency. EMTs and Paramedics can be part of the same team too. They usually work along with police and fire fighters in order to coordinate all available resources toward a single goal: provide the best emergency care to people.


EMT Job Description


The confusion around the term EMT and paramedic is probably coming from the fact that most people ignore what one does and what not. If you want to read more about the difference between the two terms, please click on  ETM vs Paramedic.


Since EMTs are the first ones to arrive on an emergency situation, they are responsible to assess the patient’s condition. They need to secure the patient’s environment and establish if the patient has any pre-existing conditions.


Once the environment is safe and the emergency medical technician knows a little bit more about the patient’ situation, he will be providing emergency care and transport the patient to a hospital. EMTs usually work in team of 2 in order to provide as much care as possible. For example, if a patient needs to be transported to a medical facility, one employee will usually drive the ambulance while the second one will watch over the patient vita signs.


But the work of the EMT doesn’t stop at the hospital. Upon their arrival, they will continue to assist the patient transportation to the emergency department where higher qualified personal will continue with the patient. They also fill reports on their observations and actions during the emergency situation.


Finally, they are responsible to replace all EMT supplies and check equipment (read about ETM equipment) after each intervention. If there are chances that the patient was contagious, they will also decontaminated the interior of the ambulance.


Each EMT level has their own responsibilities


This article was a brief overview of what an EMT does. However, you can read more about the 5 levels of ETMs and ETM responsibilities. They vary according to their level of knowledge and certification.


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